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Council On Record Supporting Choice
esc city

While California is back under an indoor mask mandate at least through mid-January, the Escalon City Council has gone on record expressing support for “individual rights and choice” when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Following a surge in coronavirus cases across the state after the Thanksgiving holiday – and concerns about even higher case rates with the approaching Christmas and New Year’s celebrations – the state is again requiring masks for indoor gatherings, in grocery stores, public settings and the like.

But after hearing from residents concerned about the possibility of mandated vaccinations and still questioning the need for masking at school, the council on Dec 6 passed a resolution supporting choice.

By a unanimous vote, the council enacted the resolution, recognizing every citizen’s right to obtain a vaccine if they choose to but also recognizing the right of the people to refuse vaccination “based on religious, medical, or personal reasons.”

The council also encouraged people “to make an informed decision” and recommended discussing the issue with their family doctor or primary care physician as well as assessing risk to make the best decision for themselves regarding receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The City Council encourages families to voice their position and concerns regarding mandates for students to be vaccinated or wear a mask,” the resolution goes on to say, with a nod to the vaccine now being approved for all ages, 5 and up, and students on school campuses still wearing masks.

Primarily symbolic in its passage, the resolution also indicates that the council, with its unanimous vote, “supports all employers, including private sector, education, public agencies, including the City of Escalon, to allow employees the choice to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or not.”