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Community Ambulance Crews Benefit From Hogan Donation
Escalon Community Ambulance staffers Hillary Bennett, left, and Mallory Schulz show the recently received face shields, provided to ECA by the local Hogan Manufacturing, Inc. Photo Contributed

It was a simple thing, just get a few 3D printers and go to work.

Escalon-based Hogan Manufacturing, Inc., did just that recently as they began a project to produce face shields to protect local emergency services personnel during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re part of the San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance,” explained Chief Operating Officer Zach Hogan. “They have a trade/technical high school in the Fresno area that was making these (face shields) and were looking for other manufacturers that had the capability to produce them.”

Hogan said they took the basic design, had their company engineers make a few modifications, then they brought in some 3D printers and got to work on the new shields.

Basically, Hogan explained, the 3D printers are used to print out the headband, then simple 9-by-11 clear binder protectors, with the traditional three-hole punch, are attached to the headband and used as the ‘shield’ to cover the full face of first responders. The headband is secured in the back with a type of cord, utilizing a fisherman’s knot. You can replace the shield for each call.

“My wife is a nurse at Doctor’s Hospital so she has taken some there, I gave some to Mike (Pitassi), anything we can do to help,” Hogan noted.

The local firm has been in business since 1944 and has a long history of community involvement and support.

The face shield is designed to protect Paramedics and EMT’s from droplet contamination of the face and eyes.

“The shields will greatly enhance ECA’s ability to protect staff during this and future flu seasons,” explained former ECA Chief Mike Pitassi, who retired from that post but still does some part-time work for the ambulance service. “ECA crews have been wearing N 95 masks and goggles which do not cover the entire face. With Hogan’s shield, medics will be able to see more clearly and will have the entire face covered.”

Pitassi said the Hogan donation was enough that ECA can, in turn, share some of the new face shields with the Escalon and Farmington fire departments to help protect their crews as well.

“It was really nice of Zach to reach out to us, just another one of the Hogan family stepping up,” Pitassi added. “ECA would like to thank Hogan Manufacturing for their constant and continued support through this time and throughout the years.”

As far as the local manufacturing firm goes, it is all in a day’s work.

“Just trying to do our part,” Hogan said.