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City Focus Meet The Staff - Jamie Hansen
This week, the City Focus features Escalon police department employee Jamie Hansen, taking a turn in the spotlight.

Each first and third Wednesday of the month, look for a profile of a city employee, from the police department to public works, recreation to finance.

Who Had The Biggest

Influence On Your Life?

My sons Cain and Dylan have taught me what unconditional love is. My mother taught me how to persevere when times got tough. My sister (AKA best friend) taught me that a little sister can be the best listener and co-conspirator in the world.

What Do You Do For


For the past six months I have been learning and practicing the art of tribal fusion belly dance. I find it keeps me focused and centered after a busy day at work.

What Would You

Consider The Perfect


The perfect vacation is anywhere out of town with my sons. They can make anyplace we go fun and a treasured memory.

What Is Your

Favorite Movie?

I am a huge fun of author Stephen King. The film adaptation of one of his novels "The Green Mile" is my absolute favorite.

Which Holiday Do

You Enjoy Most

And Why?

By far, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love decorating, shopping, cooking and spending time with family.

Are You Superstitious

About Anything?

My whole family is superstitious (thanks, mom). I avoid opening an umbrella indoors, walking under ladders and change directions when a black cat crosses my path.

What Would Make

Up Your Absolute

Favorite Meal?

Pretty much anything drenched in chocolate makes my day.

If You Could Meet

Anyone In History,

Who Would It Be?

I would have to say, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and his gyrating hips. I know he is so old school but he was both gorgeous and talented. Actually my mother and I will be visiting Graceland this year.

How Long Have You Been With The City And How Would You Describe What You Do?

On August 1, it'll be four years that I have been working for the police department. My duties include answering 911 calls, non-emergency calls, radio dispatching, statistics, customer service and other duties as assigned.

What Do You Enjoy

Most About What

You Do?

I grew up in Escalon. I went through all the schools. I practically know every citizen in the town of Escalon and most surrounding areas. My co-workers even came up with a nickname for me, 'Little Miss Escalon.' For me, just knowing at the end of the day that I can give back to a community that helped shape who I am today, it gives me great pride and satisfaction just knowing that I can help someone out sometimes at their worst moments in their life.