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Central Valley Priorities, Relief Package $$ Touted
Congressman Josh Harder

On Monday, May 10, Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) outlined his top Central Valley funding priorities for 2021. As a new member on the Appropriations Committee, and the first Central Valley Democrat to serve on the committee in almost 50 years, the Congressman said he is in a unique position to deliver funding for his community. His funding priorities fall into the following six areas:

• Expanding access to affordable mental and physical health care;

• Combating drought and supporting agriculture and the Central Valley by building new water infrastructure;

• Creating new and high paying Valley jobs;

• Addressing homelessness;

• Supporting public safety;

• Cutting down on Valley commute times.

“Everyone in the Valley knows the classic story: federal funds come to California, fly right over us, and land in San Francisco and LA. This year, I’m fighting to change that,” said Rep. Harder. “It’s time our families, our workers, our students and our retirees have access to every penny that they deserve.”

Harder also applauded the state’s new plan, announced on Monday, to deliver direct checks, rental and utility assistance, and more to Central Valley families. This relief was made possible by the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Rep. Harder voted to pass earlier this year. The new plan will deliver two in three Californians a check of at least $600; deliver families with children an additional $500; make available $5.2 billion for rent assistance and back-pay help for struggling families; and provide $2 billion for overdue water and utility bills

“This is exactly why I voted to pass the American Rescue Plan – to get direct help to Central Valley families,” said Harder. “The Valley faces a long road ahead, and today’s announcement is an important step in the right direction. I’ll keep pushing to deliver checks and relief until every family can sleep knowing they have a stable roof over their head each night.”