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Carnival Raises Cash For Dent School
Sunny skies and warm weather provided the perfect backdrop for the Dent Elementary school carnival on Friday, April 11 with hundreds joining the fun on the local elementary campus.

"It's so much nicer, all spread out," said Dent Assistant Principal Trish Anderson, moving among the various booths and activities, which took up nearly the entire playground and blacktop area east of the school buildings. "The bounce houses are keeping a lot of the kids busy and we've had great community support; the police department is here, the fire department is here."

McGruff the Crime Dog was available for photos, while the fire department also brought along an engine for tours and information. Even Denty, the school mascot, was open to a few photo opps and hugs from the crowd.

Background music was provided by those youngsters brave enough to try their hand - and vocal chords - at karaoke and there was no shortage of food, fun and games.

Principal Kendra Helsley, as she has done in the past, took her turn in the sponge-throwing booth, allowing students the opportunity to blast her with a cold, wet sponge. Friday's weather, though, made it not such a bad place to be as the sponges provided some brief relief from the heat.

Anderson added that along with spreading out the booths and giving everyone more room this year, they also made a change in prices, allowing for the purchase of a $15 do-it-all-wristband that offered students the chance to enjoy everything they had time for at just one price.