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Budget Work Begins For Department Heads
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Department heads have been given their 'work papers' and are starting to build their individual budgets, as city officials look to begin work in earnest on the 2010-2011 spending plan for Escalon.

"They're supposed to have those back to us by the 30th," interim City Manager Henry Hesling said of the department heads.

Once those budgets are turned in, Hesling and Finance Director Tammy Alcantor can do some number crunching and start to put the plan in place.

"We're still working on forecasting revenues," added Hesling.

Much will also depend on the state budget and its potential impact on the city. But, Hesling noted, the state typically runs behind so the city usually has its plan in place and then has to adjust it according to what happens when the late state budget is finally adopted.

"Right now I can't come up with any definitive things," Hesling said of possible changes in staffing or services for the coming year. "It's status quo right now."

Members of the Escalon City Council will meet in regular session on Monday night, April 19 and so far, there are a number of updates due. The agenda was not finalized as of press time, but Hesling said there will be some updated information on the housing element and planning issues, as well as a report on continuing progress on the Civic Center project.

The council meets at 7:30 p.m. in the Ekholm Room of the Escalon Public Library.

Meanwhile, Hesling said the heavy weekend rain didn't appear to cause any issues around the city, with no major street flooding or problems due to high winds.