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Boaters Urged To Avoid Travel Near McHenry Avenue Bridge
McH pix.png

The Improve McHenry Avenue construction team is advising boats to stay clear around the McHenry Avenue Bridge construction site on the Stanislaus River.

“With the consistent rainy weather and the corresponding water level rise on the Stanislaus River, we are asking boaters to avoid the construction area,” said Miguel Aguirre, San Joaquin County Public Works Engineer.

The recent heavy rainfall caused a rise in water flow requiring construction crews to remove the decking of the temporary bridge trestle. Water levels are too high for boats or rafts to pass under the remaining steel beams. If water levels continue to rise, the remaining beams could become submerged creating potential underwater obstructions. The high-water flow is also cause for excess river debris to travel through the construction area, which may aggravate conditions.

Signage has been placed at the McHenry Recreation Area and Jacob Myers Park to warn boaters to avoid the McHenry Avenue Bridge construction area on the Stanislaus River.

With the consistent rainy weather and upcoming snow melt, the water flow will remain high. Boaters are advised to avoid the McHenry Avenue construction work area.