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Bay Valley Tech Expands Local Partnerships

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 1.8 million software-related job openings in the next decade. With American universities producing only 65,000 computer science graduates each year, the ever-tightening tech labor market is expected to push salaries even higher. Many software jobs already pay six figures, and experienced developers in leading companies such as Airbnb and Google make more than $200,000 annually. Despite boundless opportunities in tech, a very large group of workers continues to be shut out of the industry due to lack of training.

Bay Valley Tech is now expanding its free software training program to help Californians who have found it difficult to qualify for these tech jobs. The code academy aims to train 1,000 new programmers locally, with 300 students planned for next year. Local employers E&J Gallo, Novo Technologies, Merced County and others are already benefiting from the highly effective tech education program. Gallo recently hired five code academy students and other employers are approaching Bay Valley Tech to hire software coding talent as well.

Bay Valley Tech’s free code academy is an opportunity for students seeking a rewarding career with strong earning potential. The next seven-month cohort begins Dec 7, 2020, with limited spots available. Interested students are encouraged to fill out the online application as soon as possible at:

Additional classes are scheduled to begin in early 2021. For more information, contact:

Leading educational institutions in the county are also working to prepare the region’s students for tech jobs. Last year, the Stanislaus County of Education (SCOE) and Turlock Adult School partnered with Bay Valley Tech to expand the code academy’s capacity and this year are joined by school districts in Modesto and Patterson.

“Educational partnerships like these are crucial to developing a competitive local workforce. Along with corporate sponsorships, our collaborative efforts will improve opportunities for economically challenged agricultural regions and increase tech participation from under-represented groups across California,” explained Phillip Lan, president of Bay Valley Tech.

Bay Valley Tech is an innovative free code academy, training students in modern programming skills and connecting them with prospective employers. Bay Valley Tech also supports the broader tech community by sponsoring hackathons, software meetups, Women Techmakers, high school tech events and the Valley Agtech Summit.