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Bargain Seekers In Town For Annual Citywide Sale
Samantha Snyder, 9, at left, looks over the yarn she has dug out of a tub while younger brother Jacob, 7, continues looking for Legos as they stopped at a yard sale on Deborah Circle with their parents on Saturday, Oct. 2. Marg Jackson/The Times

The crowd wasn’t as big as it has been in the past, or so it seemed to many of those shopping and selling on Saturday, as Escalon hosted its annual citywide yard sale.

There were still plenty of bargains to be had and plenty of people arriving in town early to seek them out, but it was a more subdued sale day.

“If I find some tools, that’s always great,” said Dan Streeter, looking over a variety of items with daughters Becca, 6, and Julieanne, 3, along for the day as well.

“I love Pokémon and she loves baby dolls,” Becca said of her own preferences and those of her little sister.

She had found a treasure trove of collectible Pokémon cards, so the Oct. 2 citywide event was a success for her.

They were at a sale on Melissa Court, hosted by McKinsey Stiehr.

“This is our first year doing the yard sale and we’re doing good,” she said.

Helping out was her mom, Valerie Lynch, coming in from Modesto to assist.

Some people showed up at their sale at 6 a.m., arriving with flashlights to get a sneak peek at the items that would be available.

“This was overwhelming and stressful, but good,” Stiehr said.

Her mother added she put on a garage sale a couple of weeks ago but it was nothing like the city event.

“Escalon always does it right,” Lynch said.

In the 1500 block of Countrywood, Escalon High School freshman Tori Rich, 14, was keeping a watch on the tables of merchandise along with mom Jenny.

“I just like to make money,” the teen admitted.

She said family members all did some cleaning out of their rooms, everyone adding a little bit to the merchandise collection.

“Basically clothes and toys we didn’t need or want anymore,” Tori said.

The biggest moneymaker was a mountain bike she sold.

“I’ve never run it as much as I did this year,” she added of being involved with the sale.

Also on Countrywood, Phyllis Ellington had a number of items for sale, including Halloween costumes, and said she is excited to get her annual Halloween display up and running, promising that will come a little later this month.

“I do these every year,” she added of the yard sale. “I like getting to meet the neighbors and all the people that come in to town. And I like getting rid of stuff. I’m not making bank but the stuff is out of here and into someone else’s house.”

The Nowling family also had some items out for sale, over on Swanson.

“We got rid of a lot of stuff, a lot of clothes,” said Shane Nowling.

Wife Daniella said that home décor also moved well and they were able to sell some furniture.

Shoppers on Deborah Circle included sibling Samantha, 9, and Jacob Snyder, 7, who came with their parents from Ripon.

“This is our first year with the kids,” said mom Lisa.

Samantha was happy to have found a tub full of yarn.

“I want to learn to knit,” she said.

Brother Jacob was still digging through tubs, looking for Legos.

“It has been a steady stream,” said seller Yvonne Contreras. “Not as much as the last one, maybe trickling, but steady.”

On Carignane, Sharon Villela said she had plenty in storage to put out and sell and saw furniture, tools and clothing moving the fastest. Holiday decorations, especially for Christmas, were also a big draw.

Sales were scattered throughout the city and shoppers likely went home with at least one special purchase.

Looking through some books, dad Dan Streeter and daughters Becca, 7, and Julieanne, 3, were enjoying the citywide yard sale on Oct. 2, hoping to find some new treasures to take home. Marg Jackson/The Times