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As The Years Fly By…

As I entered the dorms to visit my granddaughter who had begun college two weeks earlier, I immediately realized that her college experience would be totally different than mine was in 1972. As I was recently reminded, it has been 50 years since I graduated from high school. How is that possible when I can still dance past midnight, eat after ten without dying in my sleep and only wear glasses for reading and not distance?

I do have to admit that I realize we all age differently and some things just don’t work like they used to. Each morning, when I wake, my mantra is, “Boy, I hope that goes away!” Did we have all of these aches and pains when younger or do we just focus more on them at this age? With memories of the past whirling in my head I listened as my granddaughter, with excitement in her eyes, told me everything that was new in her life. I remember feeling the same way, full of dreams and eager to succeed. My experience was a little different than hers as my parents dropped me off in San Francisco with $50 in my pocket, no car and a plan to share an apartment with a friend.

Being raised in Escalon did not prepare me for my dream of living in San Francisco. I saw things that shocked me and at the same time fascinated me. As I became experienced in getting around the city on foot, I realized what a big wonderful world was out there for me to explore as I was able to meet people from several countries. I was basically shy in high school but forcing myself to step out of my ordinary was one of the best things that I ever did. Now in my late 60s, I want to advise other seniors that experiencing life even when it’s intimidating keeps you young and joyful. Stepping out into the world that exists around you can even be done where you live.

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Tina Jensen contributes monthly columns and is a member of the “Escalon Fun Bunch” which is a group for Escalon Seniors. If you are interested, join in their monthly social events and additional programs.