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Annual Treasure Hunt Brings In Crowd
Sunny skies, jam packed streets and plenty of treasure.

Those were three key ingredients that made for a successful annual citywide yard sale on Saturday, Oct. 2 in Escalon.

This year's event, the 18th annual citywide sale, featured well over 100 sale locations on the map that was available throughout the city a few days prior to the event as well as the day of the sale on Saturday.

"We had 145 addresses listed, it was a very good year, and some of those were multi-family or churches, organizations," said Diana Trejo of City Hall, who organized this year's sale day.

At El Portal Middle School, members of the band had family members that brought in unwanted items from home to put up for sale, while the Escalon Covenant Church rented out booth space in their expansive parking lot so residents that live outside the city limits could bring in their items to sell in a centralized location.

And yard sale shoppers, it seems, started early.

"It was busy," Trejo agreed. "I went out and shopped and the streets were packed. Some of my neighbors said they opened their garages to start getting ready to put stuff out and there were already people waiting in the driveway at 6 a.m."

For many, it is a daylong event, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood for that perfect find.

Out there and finding plenty was local resident Joe Coelho, who was happy with the purchases he made.

"I just found an old fashioned wash basin with the pitcher, plus I got a mirror and an old dresser from the '40s, the price was right so I grabbed it," Coelho said.

He also was excited with a stack of books, dusty with age, that were perfect.

"I'm into antiques and books," Coelho said, adding, "My wife's going to kill me ... but to me, they were bargains."

Finding the bargains was on the mind of plenty of shoppers in town for the day, as pick up trucks were loaded with sofas, lamps, knick knacks of all sizes and shapes. Children pored over toys that were new to them, while shoppers in search of specific items usually had good luck as well.

"I love yard sales," admitted shopper Eddie Uballe of Modesto, who was alerted to the citywide sale by a co-worker, who is from Escalon.

"I'm looking for manly things, tools," Uballe added, chuckling.

In truth, he said, he was looking for items that his children could use in their own homes, as well as some items for an addition he just put on his home.

Running a sale on California Street, Gina Miller said she has lived in the city for about three years and was taken by surprise the first year when she saw the community transformed on yard sale day.

"I was in shock, I've never seen anything like that," she admitted of the throng of shoppers coming in to town.

"We said we were going to do it every other year but we've been doing it every year," she added of participating in the sale, noting that five families were offering items in the sale set up on her driveway and lawn this year.

"We were out buying stuff, too," she said.

Carole Cox of Modesto, whose sister lives in Escalon, admitted to making a "yearly trek" to the yard sales.

"We just come and see what's here," she said, looking over a table loaded with a little bit of everything. "I got some odds and ends, some things for decorating, I got a purse."

Sale hours were scheduled from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but many sales opened earlier and stayed open later, just depending on the demand.

On Jennifer Drive, siblings Ayden Wilson, 5, and his little sister Gianna, 2, were happily playing with a couple of their toys that didn't get swept up in the yard sale while their mom Amber and other family members cleaned up at the end of the day.

"We sold most of our stuff," Wilson said.

Trejo said the day seemed to go off smoothly, though some streets did suffer from the occasional traffic jam of shoppers.