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Amazing Theatrics Entertain Crowd At Amaluna
Amazing theatrics

Walking up to the Big Top at Sutter Health Park in Sacramento to experience a Cirque du Soleil production called Amaluna, directed by Tony Award-winning director Diane Paulus the expectations were high and in true Cirque du Soleil fashion, they did not disappoint. The show returns to the big top after 18 years with a set design that transports you to a mysterious locale filled with color, water, entertaining acts, interesting characters, humor, music and a story of romance.

The story is set on an island ruled by Goddesses and guided by a moon known as Amaluna. The cast has a strong female presence including an all-female band. The music is unique to the show and sets the mood throughout the performances. The theatrical circus is set on the island of Amaluna which is a fusion of two words ama meaning mother and luna meaning moon. The story follows Miranda and Romeo that is filled with adventure and romance.

The unicycle artists dressed in gold showed their skills cycling around the room in a graceful entertaining way. Adding an element of humor to the show was the clown act which was fitting under the big top and had some romance to it as well with Papulya and Mainha chasing each other throughout the show as well as getting up close and personal with the audience as they took the act between the seats.

Throughout the show guests would gasp as three artists flew around the audience on straps at high speeds or when the ladies hit the uneven bars with flips and turns and the men bounced onto the teeterboard launching themselves into the air doing flips, twists, and turns.

The waterbowl was interesting with the lead Miranda diving in and out of it; also at times balancing on one hand and dropping right into the water to which the audience applauded and gasped.

The Balance Goddess slowed things down but still held the audience’s attention intensely as she focused on each palm leaf rib making slow but deliberate moves to balance the palm structure one piece at a time. After she got all the pieces together and showed the audience ever so slowly she disassembled it by removing only one small piece.

There was an intermission and some people hit the snack bar, some grabbed a beverage and some people purchased show merchandise. There were guests in the audience sharing that they were amazed, surprised, and delighted by all the theatrics.

What with the dancing, the acrobatics, the aerial tricks, along with the makeup and the costumes, sometimes you didn’t know where to look because there was a lot going on and you didn’t want to miss anything.

The cast and crew have amazing athleticism and skills that kept the audience entertained along with the storyline and a whole lot of girl power. This show is a must see and can be captured at the Sutter Health Park through March 1.