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Almonds top crop; SJC farm output at $3.1B+
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Almonds are still the No. 1 crop in San Joaquin County.

Almonds took a shelling in output and price per ton in 2021.

But after the dust settled, almonds were still the No. 1 crop in San Joaquin County.

 The 2021 almond crop was valued at $453,764,000 out of the overall farm production of $3,193,234,000.

While overall ag output was up $161.9 million or 5.34 percent over 2020, almonds overall dropped by $240.6 million.

That was due to a $190 price per ton drop down to $3,610 combined with 125,600 tons produced — down 57,000 tons from 2020.

At the same time bearing acreage increased from 104,400 acres in 2020 to 109,200 acres last year.

To put that in perspective the acres currently planted in almonds in San Joaquin County cover an area more than 3½ times larger than the City of San Francisco.

The 2021 crop report was released in September by San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner Tim Pelican.

Rounding out the top 10 county crops in 2021 were milk, $445,621,000; grapes, $428,359,000; walnuts, $367,825,000; cherries, $319,989,000; eggs, $207,583,000; cattle, $111,616,000; tomatoes, $70,980.000; hay, $68,617,000; and potatoes, $64,280,000.

The county’s top 5 exports are rice, 114,149 tons; almonds, 70,348 tons; walnuts, 25,585 tons; cherries, 14,994 tons; onions, 3,261 tons.

San Joaquin County exported farm products to 84 countries in 2021.

“This year’s theme focused (po0f the crop report) on Story of Women in Agriculture,” Pelican said, “I thought it was time we recognize the important role that women play in the agricultural industry.  I think we lose sight of the fact that their importance continues to grow and they are integral to its continued success. 

“In my view I believe women invented agriculture and I think we could at least do our small part to make up for the lack of credit they get.”

Nationally, the United State Department of Agriculture reports women represent:

*46,235 ag producers.

*37 percent of California farmers.

*Farming of 10.9 million acres

*$15.6 billion of economic impact.

“Women have always been an equal contributor to the success of agriculture not only here in San Joaquin County but throughout the world,” said Chuck Winn, Chairman of the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. “Whether it is farming, research, agricultural education or agribusiness, women are instrumental to the agricultural sector. This year’s crop report is a prime example of how women are leading the way in helping feed the world while boosting our local economy.”