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Tasting of fruits, nuts and wine
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Stewart & Jasper offers wine tasting in Modesto.


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Since 1948, Stewart & Jasper has been immersed in California Agriculture. Although their operation involves thousands of acres of almonds, their retail stores feature more than just fruit and nuts.

Wine is just as pertinent to California as it is suitable for Stewart & Jasper’s Central Valley retail location on McHenry Avenue in Modesto.

“We have a full line shop and a product side as well that features gift baskets for the holidays, glazed almonds, gift packages and of course you can put together your own box,” said Brittney Mitich, retail store manager of Modesto and Patterson location. “Adding wine to your gift basket is the perfect touch.”


According to Mitich, the store features most every varietal wine that you can think of and they stay true to their location featuring local California wine.


“Our wine tasting is available during store hours all day long,” said Mitich. “If you want to drink it at 10 in the morning, go for it.”


You can order the wine by the taste or by the glass from around 16 to 20 different wines; or the flight is another option where you can try five to six different wines that come at a more reasonable price.


“I think that our wine is so successful because of the environment that we create; it’s not a ‘bar’ type of environment.” said Mitich. “We get a crowd of people that just want to enjoy themselves without the loud noises of a bar… I think that’s what makes it so unique.”


Stewart & Jasper’s McHenry location retail store is hosting a Zin fest next Friday that will continue take place from Nov. 20 to Nov. 27. It will feature an all Zinfandel specific wine flight.


“We have bottles of wine as reasonable as 12 dollars a bottle or you can spend 150 dollars on a bottle of wine,” said Mitich. “We are very diverse and have options for everybody.”


The wine flights alter every three weeks and the ones that are featured are discounted at 10 percent off.


“The wine really compliments our products they,” said Mitich. “It makes the wine tasting experience that much better because people are able to have a snack while they spend time with each other, drink wine and just enjoy each other’s company.”