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Redefining stay-at-home mom
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Turlock resident Loni Silveira redefines the role of stay-at-home mom, running her own business from home while caring for her nine-year-old daughter, Maddox Bray.

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business out of the home


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There is often a stigma surrounding stay-at-home moms: what once was glorified and desirable is now seen as lazy and submissive. Turlock resident and stay-at-home mom Loni Silveira is out to set the record straight, proving that home is where the work is.

“I think a lot of people think you don’t work because you’re at home,” Silveira said. “They think it’s easy but it’s so much work. I think staying at home and working outside the home are equally noble.”

Silveira is mom to 9e-year-old Maddox Bray, a Girl Scout leader and also owns and manages her own Etsy store where she designs wedding invitations, save the dates and other items. Silveira worked outside the home until her daughter was 4 Wedding invitations she had designed for her brother were picked up by a magazine, resulting in a flood of invitation requests. The design business became so busy that she had to quit her other job, Silveira said.

Though she didn’t originally plan to be a stay-at-home mom, Silveira describes it as a “dream come true.” She and her husband, Nathan Bray, decided that the decision was best for their family. As a child who spent a significant amount of time in daycare, Silveira wanted something different for her daughter. Now, she is able to watch Maddox grow and remains actively involved in her life.

“I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to be there if she needs anything,” said Silveira. “Keeping that balance when you’re working is hard. I just like to be involved in her life and that was really hard to do while I was working from home.”

While the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom are plenty, it does come with its hardships. Although her online business is thriving, Silveira did earn three times as much when she worked away from home. But, small lifestyle changes – such as getting rid of cable TV – have made it possible for Silveira and her husband to live comfortably and happily.

“We both agree we are much happier now, being not as financially well-off but having a much better family life,” said Silveira. “It works for our family and everyone’s different, but the family time outweighs the financial hardship.”

Silveira doesn’t have family close by, so she often relies on friends for help when she needs it. Her friends are her life-savers, she said, picking up her daughter from school when she is unable to and providing her a shoulder to lean on. Many of Silveira’s friends also lack nearby family, so they understand her struggle.

“We all kind of connect and rely on each other,” said Silveira. “We have that bond that we just don’t have someone to fall back on.”

Financial strain, juggling extracurricular activities and running her own business – at the end of the day, Silveira does it all for Maddox.


“She makes me so happy,” said Silveira. “It’s wonderful to see the person she is becoming. She’s just a nice, caring and thoughtful person and to know that I had something to do with that is a great feeling.”