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Plenty of Sonora Pass campground choices

Pinecrest Camping: These are excellent campgrounds, close to Pinecrest Lake, fishing, hiking trails, stores. A great place for children with a beach and swim area and outdoor movies every week. 6,000' elevation.

Herring Creek Camping: These are more remote and more primitive than others. Close to Herring Reservoir, popular for fishing and swimming.

Beardsley - Niagara Creek Camping: Some of the campgrounds here are fairly primitive. Best suited for RVs for people intending to do OHV-ing, fishing, or hunting. Niagara Creek is the best of them.

Clark Fork Camping: A beautiful setting off the main highway. Popular for fishing or simply lazing away the summer. Hiking is close by.

Dardanelle Camping: Popular camping area. Boulder Flat is more primitive than others. Fishing and hiking close by. The close proximity of the Dardanelle Resort with store and restaurant is a plus.

Kennedy Meadows Camping: Excellent campgrounds, close to the river and close to Kennedy Meadows Resort. Popular with anglers. A great place to spend a week or two. Hiking trails into the Emigrant Wilderness close by.

Mi-Wuk Area Camping: Lower elevation campgrounds, remote locations. Fraser Flat is a park-like setting on the South Fork of Stanislaus River. Sand Bar Flat is on the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus.

Leavitt Meadow Camping: On the east side of Sonora Pass near Leavitt Meadow. A more arid region, fewer trees. Close to good fishing and hiking in the Hoover Wilderness.