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Partners In Science Presentation Offered
John Fortney

The Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS) is offering a presentation on “The Kepler Mission: Exotic Solar Systems on the Path to Earth-Like Planets” by exoplanets expert John Fortney, Ph.D.

Fortney is a professor of astronomy at University of California, Santa Cruz. The program is scheduled for Friday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m. in Sierra Hall 132 on Modesto Junior College’s West Campus, 2201 Blue Gum Ave., Modesto. Both the program and parking are free.

Humans have long wondered about other planetary systems and if potentially Earth-like worlds exist around other stars. NASA’s Kepler mission was designed to answer these questions. The Kepler space observatory launched in 2009 and just finished operations in November 2018. The Kepler mission discovered nearly 3,000 confirmed exoplanets and several thousand additional candidates. We now know that while most planetary systems do not look like our own, potentially habitable planets are common in our galaxy.

Fortney is the director of the Other Worlds Laboratory at UCSC. During this presentation he shares insights from the Kepler Mission and how they may impact the future of planetary research.

This MAPS event is intended for ages 12 years and older. MAPS programs are made possible by contributions from Modesto Junior College, Associated Students of MJC, MJC Foundation, Great Valley Museum, Stanislaus County Office of Education and Modesto Teachers Association.

For more information about the MAPS program visit the website, or the Facebook page