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Outdoor Living Spaces Trends Report Released
Outdoor living

As we slowly progress into a post-pandemic way of living, homeowners are taking the past year’s events into key consideration when it comes to their outdoor spaces. Due to ongoing restrictions and people’s choice to lay off vacations this year, the exterior of homes has become more important than ever before. This heightened priority for being able to enjoy the outside area at home has meant a huge shift in trends being seen in yards and gardens across the nation. surveyed top home construction industry experts in order to gain a clear picture of the most up to date outdoor living trends in 2021. As the summer months approach, this report gives useful insights into what homeowners are looking for when it comes to outdoor living, which features are going to prove most popular, and how they’re using their exterior spaces.

Here are some of the top expert insights featured in the report:

Eighty-five percent of experts believe that homeowners are more willing to invest in outdoor living spaces in 2021.

A porch and patio are the most popular outdoor spaces, say 48 percent of experts.

Outdoor kitchens are the most desired addition to outdoor living spaces, say 61 percent of surveyed professionals.

According to 74 percent, an indoor/outdoor blend is mostly achieved by folding and sliding doors and windows.

Around 48 percent of outdoor spaces will be adapted to year-round use.

Eighty percent of experts note gathering with friends and family as the most popular use of outdoor space, followed by 61 percent saying for relaxation.

For this report, surveyed 48 top experts in the home construction industry. Each of the professionals who responded have acquired vast experience and are currently working in the building, design and landscaping fields. To gain a better understanding and inquire about the latest outdoor trends, they were each asked a mix of open-ended and multiple choice questions.

The chosen contributors to this report were selected based on their extensive expertise, as well as their successful projects and reputable designs. Their combined responses represent a clear picture of current trends based on their innovative and expert knowledge. is a home improvement resource with the mission of helping homeowners make the best remodeling decisions. connects homeowners with the best service providers in their area and provides unbiased, thorough and updated cost guides, price comparisons, and cheat sheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation, and repair projects. The company also releases periodic design and construction trends reports, industry updates, and data visualizations.