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Mega commuter: Stockton to San Jose
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Eleazar Selgas commute from Stockton to San Jose includes updates and alerts by the ACE train folks.


209 staff reporter

Eleazar Selga is a mega commuter.

That’s according to the study by Melanie A. Rapino and Alison K. Fields titled “Mega Commuters in the U.S. – Time and Distance in Defining the Long Commute Using the America Community Survey.”

Selga is a long-time resident of Stockton – more importantly, he’s a husband and father of five – and has spent the past 18 years working in San Jose.

He currently manages design for a manufacturing group at a circuit board company.

Mega commuters, based on the study, were defined as those “more likely to depart for work before 6 a.m., male, older, married.”

On most days, Selga hops aboard the Altamont Corridor Express train from the downtown Stockton station, getting up by 3 a.m. to kickoff his trek to work.  It beats getting stuck along with others making that daily grind on the roads leading into the Bay Area.

Either way, it’s a two-hour drive or ride to work given everything goes accordingly. “It was crazy during the Super Bowl,” said Selga, recalling the delays on ACE due to security measures.

He’s also gone through his share of cars over the years.

His first Nissan logged in 380,000 miles while the other one – also a Nissan model – had 275,000 round-trip miles.

Selga, who juggles his family life – he and his wife are active in activities involving the kids – and his love for fishing, finds time to rest and relax on the train, going and coming from work.

He’s home by 6 p.m.

Selga found out about the job through a good friend. At the time, it was perfect to help provide for his growing his family.

His commute to work is all part of the big juggle that’s revolves around family.

“Somehow, you manage,” Selga said.

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