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The Lodi Airport is home to Golden State Trikes that offer ultralight flight experiences.


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Just off busy freeway, the Lodi Airport and Café is one of those places with a bit of everything to get the senses flying sky high.

Located at Jahant Road and Highway 99 in Acampo, the café, for starters, is somewhat of a hidden gem, offering up breakfast, lunch, and, on certain days (Thursdays and Fridays), even dinner – try the tasty rib eye steak, the buttery risotto, the seared grilled polenta or the rack of lamb.

Paul from nearby Galt recently raved about chicken pesto sandwich served up on homemade focaccia along with Betty’s salad.

The café is a great place to end or begin your day at this facility best known for the Parachute Center.

This is one of the oldest and largest drop zones in the U.S., serving the area since 1964. Skydivers of all skill levels are among the regulars at the drop zone, including the most experienced making that jump at 13,000 feet.

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Parachute Center also attracts the beginners, who, for the introductory offer of $100, can make the jump in tandem with an instructor. Included is all the equipment and with no reservations required.

That experience can be captured on either photo or video for another $50 (a combo package is available for $75).

Information:  209.369.1128

Other services include:

Acampo Flying Club

Located at 23987 N. W. Frontage Rd. (Hangar 11-G), this “fun and affordable” flying help those interested reach their full potential.

Members receive full access to the airport along with the other facilities.

The Acampo Flying Club offers great hourly rates, friendly and experienced staff and an uncongested airport.

The office is a fully-equipped computerized learning environment.

Information: 209.649.7320

Golden State Trike

The ‘flying trike’ might be the simplest and possibly safest aircrafts ever developed thus far.

Introductory flights for 15 or 30 minutes are offered, using a FAA-certified flight instructor.

No certification is necessary for the ultralight training but proper instructions are provided to ensure safety and confidence. Lessons include the basics of flying, proper airport procedures and simple navigation.

Information: 209.327.6674

Flying 4 Fun

This is considered one of the least expensive ways to make those flying dreams come true.

Those interested in pursuing their FAA Super Pilot license can do so under the Flying 4 Fun, which provides ground school and flight training for any single engine land light sports airplane.

Information: 209.329.7691

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