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Help The Planet By Becoming An Environmental Volunteer
Environmental volunteerism offers many opportunities to eco-conscious men, women and children who want to use their free time to protect the planet.

People who want to volunteer their time have many opportunities to choose from. Volunteer efforts can be the more rewarding when individuals choose causes that have profound meaning to them. For some, this may mean helping animals, championing research to cure a particular disease or helping to provide services for disadvantaged youth.

Environmental stewards likely want to get involved with nonprofit groups that focus on conservation. Climate change and the impact of human activity on the planet concerns people in all corners of the globe. Many people feel that the time has come to prioritize protecting the planet. Consider some of these facts, courtesy of Eco-Friendly Habits:

One hundred acres of rainforests are cut down every day.

Beef production is one of the biggest causes of deforestation.

About five million tons of oil produced in the world end up in oceans every year.

Plastics kill more than one million sea animals annually.

Environmental volunteering, which refers to work undertaken to benefit the natural environment, may be the right opportunity for those looking to get involved. Here are some volunteering efforts and groups that champion environmental causes.

International efforts

Amigos is a program that operates in Costa Rica, Colorado and Ecuador. Various projects help preserve biodiversity, explore sustainable farming practices and educate people about the importance of biodiversity.

Environmental education

Individuals who are teachers or specialists in certain areas of ecology may want to share their knowledge with others. They may be able to volunteer at the elementary, high school or even college level and educate young people about various environmental topics.


Beach sweeps

Various organizations coordinate regional beach clean-up efforts. Worldpackers, Clean Ocean Action and others rely on volunteers to help sweep trash from beaches.

Fire brigade

Many countries employ volunteer fire brigades to handle wildfires. This type of volunteerism often involves training and activity in the field, so it requires a significant dedication of time and effort.