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Turlock packs in upwards of 500 vendors




209 staff reporter

Since 1938, The Turlock Flea Market has drawn dealers from the Central Valley, Bay Area and Foothills, providing the community with a variety of trinkets and treasures unique to the area.

The market offers just about anything a shopper can think of, from live birds to used golf clubs. With an average of 300-500 vendors weekly, the 10-acre space is a scavenger’s paradise.

“I like to come here because I never know what I’m going to find,” said Don Lambert of Turlock, who was able to snatch up a binder full of what hopes to be rare baseball cards. “There’s no other place in town where you can buy something like this.”

The Turlock Flea Market is one of the largest weekday flea markets in the state, and attracts anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 shoppers per day. Vendors spread out their goods on blankets, tables and even on the ground in their rented spaces, which cost between $25 and $60 to reserve.

“It’s a community,” said vendor Mark Renfro. “A lot of the same vendors come out every week, and we get to know the same customers that are here every Tuesday.”

Shoppers walking away from the market carried finds such as one boy who hugged a small guitar close to his body, and a young woman who struggled to hold the numerous pairs of shoes she had purchased.

Along with rare and unique items sold by vendors, other stands sell fruits and foods like churros and slushies. Some aisles of the market are like a miniature mall, with mannequins dressed in stylish outfits lining the walkways, enticing customers to come try on a pair of jeans.

“It’s cheaper than going to stores in town,” said Jasmine Garcia, who was shopping for back-to-school clothes. “As a college student, I’m always looking for ways to save money.”

The Turlock Flea Market is a cost-effective way to find items you may not find elsewhere, with the added benefit of getting out into the community and meeting fellow shoppers.


The Turlock Flea Market is open from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Tuesday and is located at 2000 East Ave. For more information, visit