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Fitness with a twist in Modesto
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Bulletin File Photo Fitness instructor Diane Flores helps student Gina DeRoos of Manteca with some moves at her Modesto studio.


The Bulletin

MODESTO – So 2016 has arrived and you’ve packed on a few holiday pounds thanks to the cookies and the egg nog, an ample helping of ham and a few adult beverages to celebrate the end of the calendar year.

So what are you going to do about it?

If hitting the gym with the hundreds of other people who all have the same idea as you isn’t your idea of a good time – to many people, not enough parking and long waits for machines have long been complaints of hardcore fitness enthusiasts after the first of the year – there are other options available that specialize in high-intensity and targeted training that will help melt those holiday pounds and improve strength and conditioning at the same time.

Here are a few of the boutique fitness offerings in Modesto and what you can expect to find at each class:

*Venus Pole Fitness – This may sound like a joke at first, but a studio in Modesto actually promotes women’s fitness through…pole dancing? Don’t laugh – it’s actually a serious endeavor. According to the businesses reviews on popular customer app Yelp, those who participate report that it builds up strength in muscle groups that aren’t commonly targeted and the intensity of the workouts – when coupled with an available meal plan – aids in body transformation. Yes, the sexiness of it all is something that a lot of the women say that they enjoy, but the friendly and encouraging environment is what brings people back, and of the 12 people who gave their reviews gave it five-stars – the highest possible. 660 Britto Ct., Modesto. 209.380.3224.

*GetFit Modesto – This isn’t your standard push-hard weights gym, but a representation of the hybrid of boutique fitness studios that have become the fastest growing segment of their industry. And you don’t need a whole lot to get a worthwhile workout in. Standard body motions like squats and lunges, when coupled with other rudimentary but highly-effective exercises, have proved to be extremely beneficial for both strength building and weight loss, and GetFit uses a mixture of these techniques to teach a class that is as good for the hardcore fitness nut as it is the person walking in on their first day. Part of this is accomplished by using equipment like TRX Straps – long, nylon weight-bearing straps that are hung from racks – that can be used to facilitate nearly any gym exercise by just using a combination of resistance and body weight. This particular studio has its own app that allows clients to browse class schedules, add classes to a personal calendar and make reservations. 2801 McHenry Ave., Modesto. 209.606.8256.


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