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Create A Healthier Home Through Smart Updates


FAMILY FEATURES - Many homeowners looking to improve their living spaces seek out upgrades that can add visual appeal, improve functionality or increase resale value. However, some updates can also benefit the mental and physical health of those who occupy the space.

While making your home healthier can involve simple steps like decluttering, swapping out cleaning products for natural versions and opening windows to let in more fresh air, there are other projects that can be done to create longer-lasting results. Consider these ideas to create spaces that are not only functional and beautiful but also impart a sense of well-being.


Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Changing the color of a room can transform your space while also positively impacting your mood. Bright, warm colors like yellow may be uplifting while cooler shades like beige, pale green and soft blue can be soothing. Repainting can also help prevent mold and mildew growth on walls while repelling dust and allergens. Traditional oil- and latex-based paints give off gases that may cause issues such as eye and respiratory irritation. Look for paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and that are certified not to contain heavy metals, carcinogens and other harmful compounds.


Upgrade Your Flooring

Made of natural materials, hardwood flooring is not only attractive but is a hygienic, easy-to-clean choice. The organic beauty and grain of the wood creates an intrinsic connection to nature. You can set the foundation for your living spaces with an option like artisan-crafted Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Each floor is handcrafted, one board at a time, from sustainably sourced timbers. Whether you select each detail – wood species, grade, texture and color – or choose from a collection of popular tried-and-true finishes, the result is a unique floor with distinctive character. Learn more at


Add Natural Light

If your home lacks adequate natural lighting, adding or replacing windows and skylights can allow more sunlight into your living space. This offers several benefits, including an improved sense of well-being and increased productivity, not to mention the potential cost savings when you install energy-efficient versions. Additionally, light-blocking shades and adjustable light technologies can work with natural circadian rhythms to enhance sleep.


Modernize The Kitchen

From appliances to countertops, there are a variety of kitchen upgrades that can make your space healthier. Incorporating automated technology like a touchless faucet can reduce the amount of contact with germs while a water filtration system can improve the quality of your drinking water. Updating your countertops with a non-porous material like quartz, which replicates the look of natural stone, provides a contemporary aesthetic, and the antimicrobial surface will not harbor bacteria or viruses.


Create A Bathroom Oasis

Even a small space like the bathroom can benefit from wellness-focused updates. Soaking tubs and spa showers with hydrotherapy showerheads can help reduce stress and provide a mental respite. Additionally, a heated towel rack not only brings a touch of luxury but can reduce energy usage and keep towels free of mold and mildew between washes. Touchless faucets and toilets can also help reduce the spread of germs while bringing convenience.