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All On Board The Zombie Train
Zombie resize
This part of the show brought out the laughter from the guests aboard the train as the characters shared their zombie romance.

If you are trying to escape the undead, your best chance may be to hop on the Zombie train out of Oakdale that will be leaving the station every weekend through the first weekend in November.

Riders that secure a boarding pass will engage in a 40-minute excursion down the tracks with several zombie encounters on board the train and off. The cast of characters on board the train are there to help you through the experience, including the likes of the Doctor and the Sergeant.

Guests can be involved in the storyline on the Zombie Train by being a passenger as the sickness spreads through California and several different characters appear to bring guests entertaining theatrics to keep you up to speed on the situation. The train conductor will inform the passengers throughout the ride on how far the sickness has spread.

“We have had 200 passengers a weekend,” stated Chris Hart, Senior Vice President of Tourism for California Railroads and Film Legacy. “We did get good and bad feedback the first weekend, with the most notable that there should be more scares and zombies.”

These comments inspired some changes that will include some more excitement on the train involving the zombies at the bunker scene along the route.

“Last weekend after the changes, every Oakdale survey came back positive,” added Hart. “Very pleased to see that and I think we will roll with this approach the rest of the way.”

The train ride is said to be family friendly; however, parents must use their discretion due to the special effects and zombie encounters. There will be some comedy as well so staff recommends bringing a sense of humor. Along the way there are stops to see some zombies up close, in addition to smoke effects, flashing lights and more, all used to add to the eerie feel of the trip.

“I think some families are wary not knowing if it is truly family friendly while others aren’t sure what to expect,” added Hart. “We are working on a new video that shows actual footage from our trips so hopefully we can match expectations and experience.”

General admission is $35 for ages 13 and up, children 2 to 12 are $25, and for the adult only car for ages 21 and over, cost is $45 which will include a beverage, either beer, wine, or a non-alcoholic drink. Guests can also receive a zombie makeover for an additional $20 by the train’s makeup artists.

Board the Zombie Train at 330 S. Sierra Ave., Oakdale and survive the chaos.

For more information, including departure times for the Zombie-themed rail ride, visit