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From "Doc Alders, Farmington's Lone Eagle" A Reminiscence. Averel (Doc) started high school at Escalon in 1927. He usually rode the bus over. During his brief high school career, he had first one Model-T then another indicating an early aptitude for things mechanical. His favorite subject in high school was shop. He was roped into an operetta but was not keen on it. He forgot what the thing was called. He was keen on baseball and played on the Escalon team during his freshman and sophomore year. He, Bill Mobley and Vince Bresso were on the team. They were so taken with the game that they played on the Farmington team also. When this became known, their standing as school athletes was nullified. They could no longer play for Escalon High.

Augusto "Goose" Gonzales pitched for Escalon High. His father spoke his name in Spanish as "Ah-goose-to", hence the name "Goose". Eddie Strand was catcher. Doc played first base. Bill Mobley played either second base or shortstop. Milton Ort of Escalon was also on the team. On one occasion, the Escalon High ball team played for the Escalon American Legion against the Stockton American Legion team at Billy Hebert field in Stockton. Doc called the game a fiasco. They were out of their class and took a shellacking. Other high school friends Doc recalled were Fred Toniatti, Joe Dubacher, Tom Erle and Johnny Willets whose father owned the butcher shop.

On the Farmington ball team, Ellis Orr was one of the better pitchers, as Doc recalled. Jeff Toda was catcher and Bill Mobley played the infield. Doc played mostly outfield but played first base occasionally. They used the Farmington School ball field.

Earlier on, the Farmington ball players were the county champions. Jeff Toda was the manager. The team played Linden, Oakdale and Escalon among others. One of their pitchers was John Lagorio from Linden. His specialty was his spitball. He chewed tobacco with slippery elm. Doc had one of his balls that was stained on one side by tobacco juice. Some of the players were from Stockton. The Escalon High School players were not on this team. It was mostly older men. It appears the local Standard Oil distributor sponsored the team.


Farmington School will have their Valentine Parties, Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.


Happy Birthday to Michael Alan Bailey, Friday, February 10th.

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