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Young Golfers Hit The Links In Escalon
If you're bored of miniature golf, take a gander at what Ryan Poling has been teaching at the Escalon Golf Course recently. For the past several weeks, Poling has been teaching adults and kids the fundamentals of golfing while having a good time on the green.

Around 6 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, the kids of the children's class hauled their clubs to the putting green on the northern side of the clubhouse where another group of adults were just finishing up. As Poling bellowed a few hellos at the boys and girls walking toward him, they threw down their gear, grabbed a club or two, and ran to the practice area.

The parents and guardians looked on as their children began churning out the well-aimed putting shots towards a common hole. Their instructor came by and watched the form of the swing, and made adjustments as needed in order to improve their performance.