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New Public Works Superintendent On Board
From his first day on the job, Patrick Riggs has immersed himself in Escalon.

The newly hired Public Works Superintendent, Riggs came on board earlier this month and one of his first 'after hours' events was attending the National Night Out festivities on Aug. 7, joining the caravan of local officials to get out and meet and greet the public.

"I was with the City of Modesto for three-and-a-half years and I was in Merced for nine years before that," Riggs explained. "So I've worked my way up through the Valley."

Most recently in Modesto, Riggs - who describes himself as a 'professional jack of all trades' - was responsible for environmental compliance, supervised a stormwater program and worked in wastewater collection, among other duties.

"I'm used to being put into a problem solving situation," he said, noting that he feels capable of handling the variety of day-to-day tasks that come with his new position.

The superintendent post had been vacant for the last several months prior to Riggs being hired, but he praised the Public Works employees for keeping the operation running smoothly.

"We have seven guys and we need to hire two more," he pointed out. "But they really take up the slack. I feel like I'm jumping on a sailing ship, it makes my job so much easier. My number one aspiration is to improve public service, but I'm actually having to look very hard on where to improve. This is the best group of guys I've ever worked with."

Riggs has a Business/Operations Management degree and is certified in water and wastewater operations. He took some classes through the Community College of the Air Force while in the service and also attended the University of Kentucky.

"I actually have about 16 certifications, I come with a lot of benefits," he said, smiling.