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In The Blue Escalon Man Teaches Deep Sea Scuba Diving
Saturday started off with several splashes as the Aquatic Discount Scuba diving lessons took place in the Escalon High School pool. Michael Dodge, owner of Aquatic Discount Scuba and one of the days' teachers, holds the diving lessons once a month during the season of summer.

On this particular day, approximately 30 students of all ages lined up to be taught the fundamentals of deep sea diving.

"We share with them the basic operations of all the gear, like the oxygen tank and their vests and whatnot," explains Dodge about the course. "We give them the basic tools to be competent in what they're doing, but today is really about getting them comfortable with the idea of being underwater, and confident with their diving ability."

Most people were there in order to begin the process of acquiring a certification as a deep-sea diver. Once a person has been trained in the basics of diving, and is sufficiently comfortable with the act of diving, he or she can be certified by going into the ocean with a trainer and demonstrating their knowledge and ability.

Dodge has been giving diving lessons for about 10 years now, and was more than prepared for his new batch of students.

Around 8:30 that morning, two trucks backed up to the pool's fence and unloaded the massive amounts of scuba diving gear to be used by the students.