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Bell's Baseball Camp Has All The Bases Covered
Up and coming baseball talent from all over the area turned out at Rainbow Fields in Riverbank to take advantage of the baseball tutelage provided during the three-day Eric Bell Professional School of Baseball camp from July 23 through 25.

With over 15 years of professional baseball experience, Bell's camp flowed as smoothly as any Major League baseball spring training practice session on the camp's final afternoon.

"I have done it enough, and played enough, that it doesn't take too much to run things the day of the camp," Bell said. "It's like the way we did it in spring training. I played 15 years, and we're doing the same things here."

Ball players from six years old to teenaged standouts all took time in different batting practice stations, focusing on different aspects of hitting. Campers would hit at one station and then move on to the following hitting area. Drills worked on the campers' fundamental swing, as well as pitch recognition and having a selective strike zones. Bell's ties from a successful professional career allowed the former big league pitcher to load up on professional talent to assist him in running the camp.

"A couple of the guys work every camp and they played pro ball," Bell said. "Some of the other guys I have used a few times, and then I have a couple guys I call here in town that get instructors for me."

Nearly every league in the area had future talent in attendance at the baseball camp. Sonora, Ceres, Modesto, Escalon, Oakdale, Stockton and Riverbank all saw their baseball programs take a step in the right direction with players from their districts all seeking instruction.