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Barracudas And Orcas Make Final Splashes
In front of a few hundred fans, the Escalon Orcas and Riverbank Barracudas combined with the Patterson Pirates to use their season ending showcase to put on a brilliant meet, closing out the 2007 season.

The swimmers used the dry triple-digit heat as motivation to put forth some of the best times in the three teams final league campaign. The Orcas proved to be more than hospitable hosts in the season finale, orchestrating a flawless meet in a timely fashion, a backdrop to the obvious excitement showing on the faces of each and every one of the participating swimmers.

"They are having a blast," Escalon assistant coach Joy Metzler said. "They are all very competitive, it is always this much fun and excitement out here."

Both Riverbank and Escalon could not match the overwhelming numbers of the Patterson squad's team, but what the two recreation league teams lacked in sheer numbers they made up for in effort.

"We always come out here and want everyone to do their best just like usual," Riverbank coach Tommy Hunter said. "We all knew it was the last meet, so we told them to go as hard as they can and we would get them into as many events as we could."

The Barracudas closed the day with quite a few first place finishes, and the amount of success that the swimmers were able to have clearly was no surprise to their co-head coach.

"These kids actually work very hard every time we practice; every time we go out," Hunter said. "Every time we asked the kids to do something in practice or a meet, they just did it."

The Orcas opened up the 2007 season with a few uncertainties, so to close out the season with such a quality performance was rewarding to all involved.

"This season I had a lot of first-time swimmers," Escalon head coach Deborah Hawkins said. "They have really put it together. Some of my kids had never swam; a lot had never dove in the water.

"So obviously, we've had a successful season."

Even with record times and winning streaks on the line, the obvious reason for each parent in attendance and every kid in the water was to go out and have fun.