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Gift Giving Ideas Offered For Fitness Fans

The fitness industry is booming and attracting new devotees every day. Research from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association says 2017 was a strong year for the health and fitness industry, and several health clubs have built on that success in 2018.

The growth of the fitness industry has included a surge in boutique fitness regimens. While major clubs offer classes, separate boutique clubs also are thriving. Clubs focusing on ballet barre, Cross-Fit and Orangetheory are just some examples of the booming boutique fitness industry.

Holiday shoppers with fitness fans on their list can look to their loved ones’ love of physical activity when seeking inspiration for holiday gifts. Purchasing gifts for someone with a specific hobby or interest can often be daunting because enthusiasts may have firm ideas of what they like and want to use. While the same can be said for athletes and people who live active lifestyles, there are plenty of gifts that will appeal to those who embrace fitness as part of their lifestyle.

Bluetooth headphones: Music can inspire and get fitness buffs motivated. Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to most devices, and such headphones won’t get tangled up while running or hitting the elliptical at the gym. Select a pair that are lightweight and comfortable and securely fit in the ears for ultimate convenience.

Reversible yoga mat: Active yogis know just how much a stretch session can work up a sweat. Throw in an hour of hot yoga, and perspiration will certainly be flowing. Everyone recognizes Lululemon for their comfortable workout attire, but the company also has a reversible yoga mat that wicks away moisture during yoga sessions. When gifting yoga mats, throw in a yoga mat carrier as well.

Fitness tracker: Active people often like to track their progress during a workout or to see just how much they’ve been moving during the day. Fitness trackers are ideal for this. Different brands come at various price points to make giving easier on the budget.

Personal blender: Diet plays a big role in fitness, and many fitness enthusiasts enjoy protein shakes and smoothies as part of their daily regimen. A personal blender makes enough for a single bottle at a time. Some are designed so the blender tube is actually the receptacle that can be carried on the go.

Suspension training kit: Many workouts are based on counterbalancing body weight to drive up resistance. Suspension training, like the workouts from TRX, utilize a network of straps so athletes can put their body weight to use in a variety of exercises. A portable kit can be set up wherever it’s needed.

Dumbbell set: Weight training can boost metabolism and strengthen bones and muscles. When athletes can’t make it to the gym, a home set of dumbbells can ensure they still get their strength-training sessions in.

Workout bag: A durable duffel bag that can tote a change of clothes, towel, equipment, and more to and from workouts is a gift any fitness enthusiast can enjoy.